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Title Snapshot

Transforming Title As You Know It.

At Title365, we focus on innovations that save you time and deliver transparency to your transactions. Our Title Snapshot grading sheet makes it easy for you to pinpoint issues affecting your purchase or refinance. Title365 provides a grading sheet with each title commitment, so you and your client can know at a glance what affects title.
An easy-to-read Title Snapshot Grade. Directly below the grade you’ll see a legend that provides more information.
Generally, items that will be paid or satisfied at the close and should not affect the transactions ability to close.
Lists curative issues found during Title Snapshot; these liens and judgments are considered as possible failures of title and may affect the transactions ability to close if not satisfied prior to closing.
Contact information for the Title365 representative handling your file is listed for your convenience.
Start your first today and look how easy Title Snapshot provides a faster, cleaner and reliable preliminary report.